About ESG

ESG is a leading Singapore-based international sports and partnership marketing firm established in 2005.

ESG specializes in creating and delivering effective client solutions through sports sponsorship and bespoke sporting activities. Our connectivity, experience and key insights into sport give us an advantage that translates into powerful brand engagement tools to touch the sports fan.

In addition, ESG provides sports federations and rights owners strategies to help them realize the commercial potential of their rights. With our vast experience, goal orientation and extensive client portfolio, we are fully committed to building sustainable commercial revenues to deliver any sporting agenda.

ESG is a proud associate of Singapore listed, Kingsmen Creatives Ltd, a leading provider of integrated marketing solutions that spans a network of 19 offices worldwide.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To help Companies harness and engage the passion of sports through effective marketing strategies and Sports Federations to identify and build sustainable commercial revenue streams.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Founded by former Singapore Rugby International Terence Khoo, ESG is fuelled by his passion to promote the positive values and attributes of sport that he has experienced throughout his life.

This fervor for sporting excellence is deeply rooted in the heart of ESG where the principles of teamwork, discipline, courage and the unyielding determination to overcome odds form the cornerstone of our work.

ESG believes a company is only as good as its people, so we strive to provide the best working environment for our staff that is challenging, meaningful and rewarding.

At ESG, we value and treat every partner, client and supplier with respect, fairness and trust to build successful long-term partnerships.

ESG is also committed to ensuring that we give back to the sporting community through various CSR initiatives.