ESG is your one-stop provider for bespoke virtual events, in-person events and programs. We have also launched proprietary ESG Virtual Wellness Series, a monthly series of wellness-themed virtual events exclusively for companies and their employees. 

With more than 150 workplace activities under our belt and over 100 partners, you can entrust us to tackle some of the most pressing issues that affect staff productivity. 

Engaged staff are happier and more productive, you can worry less about low retention and satisfaction with our programs. 

ESG Virtual Wellness Series 

In response to COVID-19, we adapted to remote working and held our first virtual workplace event on 6 May 2020 in collaboration with Jebsen and Jessen. After a few months, we organized our first ESG Proprietary Virtual Workplace Event on 29 July 2020 with over 40 companies and 700 staff participated.

With digital transformation, we believe remote working is here to stay.  As part of our continuous effort to empower the workforce and take on an active role in advancing Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative, we launched our first-ever ESG Virtual Wellness Series – a monthly series of exclusive and free virtual wellness events.

Curated across different monthly themes, our virtual events are Exclusive (by-invite only) and FREE to companies in the ESG community. Unlike one-way webinars, we organise ALL-IN-ONE virtual events that engage your staff. Besides LIVE webinar presented by expert speakers with the chance to interact with them and network with other working professionals, there is an e-Bazaar for your staff to shop online and win prizes. Held over weekday lunch, they can access our virtual event conveniently from anywhere to gain valuable knowledge.

Remote working is a mindset, not a place. We believe that virtual wellness will remain a viable alternative to in-person programs for companies.

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Some of our virtual events:

In-person Programs

We organize a variety of in-person wellness programs, including on-site and off-site staff engagement and wellness activities. 

Our thematic talks focus on improving the health and wellness, personal development and financial knowledge of working professionals. On the other hand, our health and wellness bazaars, festive bazaars and roadshows help to bring some fun to the workplace. 

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Our activities: 

Bespoke Events 

We customize wellness and engagement programs to meet your organization’s unique needs, including virtual and in-person events. Besides health and wellness initiatives, you can engage us to organize staff retreat and team bonding events. 

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Our events: 

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