Empowering the Workforce in Partnership with Vascular & Interventional Centre

women health

ESG is proud to partner with Vascular & Interventional Centre (VIC) in organizing a series of virtual wellness events that tackle some of the most prominent health issues surrounding working professionals in Singapore.

On 17 and 19 Sep 2020, we rolled out “Diabetes, Don’t Sugarcoat it”. This event featured an extensive panel of 4 medical specialists who deep dived into the severity, treatment options and preventive measures of Diabetes.

On 9 Dec 2020, we rolled out “Women’s Health: Look Within”. This event relates to many working females who often neglect their body pain due to their busy lifestyle, our panel of 4 medical specialists discussed about precautionary measures, treatment options, as well as addressed many health questions during the Q&A session.

Collectively, we had over 1,000 working professionals across 60 companies registered for our events.