Leading the Comeback of National Steps Challenge™6 Corporate Challenge 

SINGAPORE, 22 July 2021 – Enterprise Sports Group (ESG), the leading workplace health promotion and virtual events agency since year 2005, has been appointed once again by Health Promotion Board (HPB) as the official corporate engagement agency for the National Steps Challenge™ Corporate Challenge 2021. The objective of this year’s challenge is to rally corporate participants to come together and be part of the workplace health and wellness initiative. 

In the current times where employees are working from home, the 6th Season of the Corporate Challenge has adapted to fit the new norm. All eligible participants will receive a fitness tracker and join the challenge in their own time, in their own place. The Corporate Challenge aims to promote that all employees participate in a collective effort to create a healthier, happier, and more cohesive workplace for all.  

With over a decade of corporate engagement particularly in employee health and wellness, ESG has been working with numerous business leaders, their companies, and representatives to promote company wellness and cohesion through training and participation in events such as Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon, OSIM Singapore Triathlon, and MOHH Healthcare Scholarship Virtual Experience 2021. 

On their engagement with National Steps Challenge™ Corporate Challenge, Managing Director ESG, Terence Khoo said, “ESG is proud to be appointed by HPB and hopes to partner business leaders on this national initiative to promote a healthy, happy and cohesive workforce. Besides garnering corporate participation for one of the biggest employee health and wellness event of the year, ESG will be working closely with companies to activate their corporate partnership to rally and encourage their staff to download the Healthy 365 app, clock their steps and MVPA minutes, and have fun bonding together as a company.”

For more information on HPB’s National Steps Challenge™ Corporate Challenge, please email us at nscc@enterprisesg.com or visit the official website HERE.

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